About Me

Since picking up a camera well over a decade ago, I have tried every kind of photography you can think of. My desire to learn all kinds of photography has kept me in a constant state of learning as I have worked in the industry.  On a trip to Carmel by the Sea with my husband, I came across a particular style of fine art photography and I knew that I had found what I was meant to photograph. I have had a deep love for the outdoors since I was a little girl, and to photograph its beauty is exactly what I want, but I want to add an artistic quality to remind the viewer of  the texture of an oil painting or a watercolor.  I have purposefully hand selected the work here to be for the use of design. My goal is to keep the feeling of subdued simplicity in my photos so that it doesn't over take an interior space, but add to it in a tasteful way. I hope you enjoy this work and find that perfect spot in your spaces where it can hang.

“The richness I achieve comes from nature, the Source of my inspiration.”